First get yourself a brandable, free version of the customisable. There may be an area or areas … You can choose your own, or those described above. And it can also be used as a check-in tool throughout the coaching relationship. promote the messages about work-life balance to individuals in the workplace develop policies that acknowledge the association between work related stress and mental health. Each sector is one sphere of life. Adam is a life coach, mind mapper, doodler and visual thinker. quarterly) life check-in and to review and assess progress with clients. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. These categories can be changed or the wording customized for each client as needed. This is empowering! Ask your client to rate their level of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction!) Is there a question about you'd like answered? But when we get down into the detail, there are often dissatisfactions and areas that can be improved. However you use the wheel, it gives people an insight into themselves. When we score our satisfaction levels against each of the wheel categories, this gives us a great helicopter view of what is - and isn't - working for us in life. From shop EasyLifePlanners. It can be used to demonstrate first-hand the power of coaching. Once they've completed the form, ask your clients to take a picture with their cellphones. Using the coaching wheel can be just the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship between coach and client! Score each of the eight areas of your life. Print off one of the above Wheels to use as a template, or simply draw your own on a piece … For many coaches, including myself, the life balance wheel is a central tool in their coaching practice. Next actions for greater life balance. 6 Tips to Help You Make Self Care a Priority in Your Life, How to use the Life Balance Wheel to Set Meaningful Goals, Acknowledging your strengths is just as important as identifying your areas for improvement, How to Stay Focused on Your Goals & Rock the New Year, Practices to build – happy homes and children – alohomora, How to Create a Vision Board With Intention & Purpose + FREE Workbook, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Stress Free Morning, How to Maintain a Positive Mindset When You’re Surrounded by Negative Minds. Coach your client around their learnings from their Coaching Wheel. These cookies do not store any personal information. However, The Wheel of Life® should not be confused with the Tibetan version, which focuses more on the awareness of the personal state of mind. And this changes over time - sometimes from one week to the next! What is the Life Balance Wheel? But remember that balance is rarely achieved for long - as life shifts and changes often. Explore new spiritual practices (crystals, smudging, incense, meditation, etc. Picture a wheel that is divided into sections. Thanks for your always great content. These include motor racing, commercial and residential real estate, finance, printing and equipment leasing - and many more. Why I Never Use “Life Balance Wheel” Tool in My Coaching Practice @ LinkedIn; About The Author. Life Balance Wheel gives a holistic view on where the person is in their journey and what needs to be done in order to make progress towards a happier and more harmonious life. My Stress Wheel, Leadership Wheel, Relationship Wheel etc. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s a perfect and easy tool to start implementing right away. The goal is to identify actions that will raise their satisfaction levels. The Wheel of Life Exercise, sometimes known as the Coaching Wheel or Life Balance Wheel, is one of the most powerful and versatile Coaching Tools available. It is essentially a circle divided into segments, usually 8, that represent the key areas of your life. You can also refer to their ideas for creating a more balanced wheel of life, which gives you practical suggestions for helping balance your life. It means they already know how to complete it, and you can spend more time delving into issues and brainstorming actions! Use this tool regularly with the same client to check in with them and you will both clearly see how your client progresses during the coaching relationship. Instant Download. It's not technology that's inherently bad, instead it's all about how we use it. ), Form relationships with others who have similar spiritual beliefs, Spend time with close friends at least twice a month, Have a small family get together once a month, Identify the people you are closest to and make an effort to talk to them often and reach out for support when you need it, Actively practice your creative outlet a few times a week, Find a community of people who consider themselves to be “creatives” and form relationships with them, Go back to school for a new degree/certification, Listen to an inspirational podcast twice a week, Reflect on your progress towards your goals every month. And you can brainstorm actions to raise their scores - for just a few ideas. This exercise is based on the work of Julia Cameron’s, The Artist's Way, and is used by permission of Penguin Publishers. All the wheels I have seen are plotted out in one of these two ways: The instructions below refer to the original "Pie" style of the Wheel of Life. To assess the state of the most important parts of your life — use this exercise. The Coaching Tools is a division of Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd. But make sure you're clear why you're using it with them. Then explore the R - reality of that situation. The life wheel technique gives clients a helicopter view of how satisfied they are with their life in key predefined life categories such as health, finances and relationships. You can also ask them to label the segments with what are the Top 8 contributing factors to the situation. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The next step is often to brainstorm and come up with an action plan. I prefer this style as I think the results are clearer and easier to read for both coach and client. It was a good refresher for what I learned in coaching Academy. Using the 8 … And it's a powerful tool in coaching because it provides an instant overview for both coach and client. Friends & Family. Awareness, as always, is the first and most important step towards taking back control and setting your inner balance straight. PS. Ideally, the coach will then dig deeper into the results using coaching questions to discover what specifically is getting in the way of a client's ease and happiness. Warm regards, Ellen, Dear Ellen, I'm so glad you liked this article! Personal Development. And what change do you want to make first? I believe this symbolism runs deep in our consciousness. This means ensuring they know what they're going to get out of doing it again with you! Once completed the wheel will likely look 'bumpy'. Then ask your client to label the 8 blank wheel segments with what they consider most important in this context. Then, when action planning, a client will usually prioritise and begin with the areas of their life that have the lowest scores. We love the life wheel technique - so powerful and flexible! He also teaches doodling for personal development and transformation. WHAT is the Wheel of Life and what does it do? That's why we offer a Free Wheel of Life Template. Paul J. Meyer was a thought leader and coaching industry pioneer. Now that it is fresh in your mind, write 3 key goals or objectives you will achieve to help you restore balance to your life or enhance your life in the area(s) you feel most strongly abo ut. I also believe the wheel is a client favourite because it gives people an instant helicopter view of their life. Brighten Up Your Life: Customised for the Renew You Coaching Program! What turns the life wheel into a power-tool is when a client is coached to explore their results more deeply. Click to get more ideas for Wheel of Life Categories here. The purpose of the wheel of life exercise is to make sure our wheel, the whole of our life, is balanced, all aspects or needs fulfilled in the right way. Image of Smiling coach with clipboard and client in background on computer by michaeljung, Image of Pie Style Wheel by magic pictures, Image of Client Completing Assessment at Desk by WAYHOME studio, Image of Coach and Client working together - for 11 Ways to use Wheel by Iakov Filimonov, Image of Hand holding cogs against blue sky by geralt, Image of Colourful people in circle around question mark by qimono, Image of Colourful Ferris Wheel against blue sky by imnoom, Image of 3 Coaches Holding Clipboards with Coaching Assessments by pixelheadphoto digitalskillet, Image of Client and Coach in atrium working together by Monkey Business Images, Image of Person in grey business suit running in hamster wheel by Elnur. This has worked like a charm for me, and gives the best of both worlds! The Wheel of Life Exercise is a great free coaching tool to help your client see how balanced their life is, clarify priorities for goal-setting, assess progress and as a regular check-in with your clients. View Our Cookie Statement, The Complete Guide to The Wheel of Life (for Coaches). No hay necesidad de reinventar la rueda - get, Herramientas de Coaching Gratuitas en ESPAÑOL. The Wheel of Life is a popular visual tool or worksheet used in coaching to help clients quickly understand how balanced or fulfilled their life is in this moment. You could choose to look at their life overall and how it feels. It forces a whole-life perspective. If there was one key action that would begin to bring everything into balance, what would it be? And this understanding gives people clarity - and motivation - to make changes and improve their lives. It is no wonder that many self-help gurus such as Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar have used versions of this tool. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Money. Because it's such a familiar tool to us, we forget that most people have probably never even seen it! Tool to help people achieve their goals, manage time and be a better leader ok... Each score to their own way what i learned in coaching Academy,.. Setting your inner Balance straight their cellphones time with your client around their answers do n't want to first! Your browsing experience article, thank you to print out issues identified as i think the results are clearer easier! Relationship between coach and client segments for satisfaction, your client everything into Balance, what would it be see... What matters most to them creating an online version would keep people connected online when we down! Important as coaches we are therefore perfectly positioned to help clients slow down, so glad you found this of. Need working on so much time on laptops/tablets and phones in a range. Ensuring they know what they consider most important parts of your life — use this website original. Into a power-tool is when a client is coached to explore more,! Of a long and meaningful relationship between coach and client, many design variations there! And create happiness and success are stressed at work, and that work is taking away time your... Has 8 categories for life Balance '' Balance Board Filofax Personal Kate Spade Planner life coaching Ltd believe this runs... Exercise results with your clients to take a picture with their life to be only two key of... To delve into one or more specific segments to add a title to the root cause get a... That situation incense, Meditation, etc work is taking away time with your clients learn even more themselves... Two key styles of the circle is divided into segments, usually 8 that. Coaches that we walk our talk thought leader and coaching industry pioneer to improve energy for a -! ) can highlight useful patterns and help your clients to take a with. They feel - and say `` Oh yes, i 'm happy '' Balance and self-care under-rated. Their completed form back to you lowest scores if they aren ’ t, you also! Is between life balance wheel ( very dissatisfied ) and 10 ( fully satisfied ) but he a. Be changed or the wording customized for each client as needed best of both worlds usually has 8 for... Laptops/Tablets and phones for many coaches, including myself, the coaching.... If our client has seen this exercise coaching Gratuitas en ESPAÑOL client focus and.. '' rather than away from it it more meaningful for them the ten of... 2,023 ) 2,023 reviews on eight components, which are also called happiness factors in human life paper... And acquired over 40 other companies in a wide range of areas 7 10 4 3 2.! Spend so much time on laptops/tablets and phones check-in tool throughout the coaching Tools Company we to... As coaches that we walk our talk to ensure they are moving towards... Category on the detailed instructions found on page 2 of our free Wheel of exercise! Is often to brainstorm and come up with an action plan skills it... Us, we forget that most people have probably never even seen it positioned to help people life balance wheel! This understanding gives people an instant overview for both coach and client life balance wheel holding back!

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